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Going for Goal in 2022

Happy New Year, Precision Athletes! We are into the new year at this point and may have already lost track of our goals for 2022. Or, you may be well on your way to reaching everything you set out to accomplish! Either way, now is a good time to assess what you want out of our remaining time this year. So, we are going to look back on a blog I wrote a few years ago to address our goals and how we can be our best selves.

I truly believe that in order for us to decide where we want to go for this year, we

need to look to where we have been. This means taking an objective-as-possible

look at the past year. One thing to note: we are going to be careful to consider how

we phrase the events from last year. We are going to classify them as either a

success or a struggle. It is important to remember that we shouldn’t phrase

undesirable results from last year as failures – because we don’t truly fail until we

give up and stop pressing.

With that in mind, I would like for you to sit down and write out all of your major

events and goals from last year. This can include athletics as well as personal items. Was your goal to PR in half-marathon? Or was it to spend more time with your

spouse and family? Did you get into the weight room more often like you wanted to?

Did you press for the promotion at work you have been seeking? Once you have

determined what your goals and events from last year were, it’s time to classify and

see how you did. Was it a success? Or was it a struggle? Remember – the journey is

just as important as the destination, and as long as you are growing, you are


This can be a painful exercise if 2021 was a difficult year for you. And that’s

ok! Accept that the year has passed, and 2022 offers a fresh start.

So, you’ve assembled your list of goals and events from last year, and have now

classified them based on success or struggle. Now it’s time to move forward. What I

want you to do now is to look at the list you have created. Are there goals that

should be moved forward into 2022? Are there some that no longer are of value to

you? Our goals and our values change – and this is a good thing. Growth is change. It

is alright if you left a goal in 2021 as a struggle and no longer truly value it. Maybe

you didn’t run that marathon like you wanted to. But instead you found more time

to spend with your kids. Now is the time to evaluate priorities and what truly

matters to you. This is also the time to add in any new goals you would like to

achieve this year.

By now you probably have a list of goals that is quite long and includes things from

work, home, athletic pursuits, and more. Now comes the hard part. I want you to go

through your list and choose three goals.

Only three.

For all of you type-A runners out there, yes I truly mean only three. Then, you will rank these three goals in order of importance to you. Do not be tempted to add more than three at this time.

Let’s discuss goal setting to learn why this is important.

When you are setting goals for yourself, I would like you to view them through the

following lens.

Your goals should be:

1. Realistic

2. Measurable

3. Sustainable

4. Valuable

Let’s dive into each of these aspects individually:


Your goals should be realistic for your life and your circumstance. If you have

never in your life made it to the gym 3 times in a week, you will not suddenly be able

to go every day. The same goes for running. If you have never been able to dedicate

6 days per week to runs, don’t expect yourself to suddenly achieve this! Keep in

mind family and work obligations, as well.


For those of you that like metrics, this will be your bread and butter. A goal needs to

be measurable so you know if you have achieved it or not. Now, do not go crazy here

and set a goal that is so specific it is unlikely to actually happen. Remember – be

realistic. Perhaps this means instead of shooting for a Boston Qualifier time, you

instead set your goal as “better than last year.” Make it measurable so you can

reward yourself when you achieve.


This aspect reaches back into the realistic parts of your goal. Remember, 2022 is a

whole year. 12 months. 365 days. That is a long time. Set a goal that can weather the

seasons and the storms of life and still make it through to December. This is

especially important when you are trying to change something substantial in your

daily routine. For example, diet changes or exercise changes need to be sustainable.

They take time and also need to be able to fit into your everyday routine. This is a

good time to look back on last year’s goals and see why they may have been a

struggle. Perhaps they weren’t sustainable.


This last point is arguably the most important. If you truly value something, it will

become a priority. If you do not, it will be that much harder to achieve a goal. For

example, maybe last year resulted in many lost training days due to injury or lack of

proper nutrition. Now would be a good time to evaluate what is truly important to

you, and seek out the steps to prioritize. Another example: why do you want to go to

the gym more this year? Is it to look better? This is not a bad goal, but has the potential

to fizzle if you don’t have a deeper meaning behind it. Perhaps you want to

be stronger so you can then play with your kids more or get through the day without

being so tired. Now that’s a valuable goal.

So now we have a great set of 3 goals for this new year that are realistic, measurable,

sustainable, and valuable. This is a great place to start 2022! Remember that we are

all human and we do not exist in a vacuum. Your goals will have to be flexible as the

year presents new challenges to you. You will not be perfect; so don’t try for it.

Oh, and one last thing: We cannot do this on our own. Goals and life cannot be

achieved or lived without community. Enlist those around you to help you achieve.

That includes your team here at Precision Performance. We would love to discuss

goals with you and help you make 2022 your best year yet. Let us know how we can

be a part of your team!

See you guys soon!



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