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Recover Better at Precision.
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Recovery is as important as the training we do. The Precision recovery room is a place where you can get what you need to recover faster from hard training while taking a few quiet moments to relax in your busy day. We have many muscle recovery tools;  including Sidekick muscle scraping tools, Normatec compression boots, Hyperice massage guns, and various foam rollers. 

Come recover with us!

Here are a few of the things we have available in our recovery room:

Sidekick tools - Specific metal tools that help someone treat themselves with "muscle scraping" treatment. This is similar to Graston which is a technique that you may have had before. It increases blood flow and helps with fascial mobility 

Massage Guns - Allows for similar effects to foam rolling, but with the rapid vibration of the massage head. In general it is easier than other muscle recovery tools and works in a slightly different way to promote muscle recovery. 

Normatec boots - The compression of the boots helps to flush out lactic acid and muscle waste after a workout, which can help reduce muscle soreness so that the athlete can recover faster for their next training session.

The LEVER - A body weight supported device that allows you to run more with less stress to your body. The LEVER is connected to the treadmill and uses a bungee and pulley system to offload body weight. If you are familiar with an Alter G this is a system built to take its place. It is less cumbersome to use and is easier to maintain good running form while still achieving the desired effect of off-loading the body.  The Lever is perfect to ease the transition to running after an injury, as you return to running postpartum, improve performance, to help manage pain or to increase run volume with less impact. 

  • 25 US dollars
  • Body weight supported running

    25 US dollars
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