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Dr. Kacy Seynders PT, DPT

  • Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist (OCS)

  • Orthopedic Residency Trained

  • Blood flow restriction training (BFR)

  • Intramuscular manual therapy (trigger point dry needling)

  • Visceral manipulation

  • Advanced spinal manipulation techniques

  • Running and endurance medicine

  • Female Athletes


Kacy has always loved pushing herself. Her family and friends certainly had regrets for pledging per lap when she turned the elementary school fundraiser “walk-a-thon” into a “run-a-thon,” finishing with a proud, beet-red face and the most stamps on her lap card in the entire school. She played sports every chance she got, eventually settling on soccer, which she played competitively for 10 years before realizing that she was much better at running without the added challenge of chasing a soccer ball. She joined the cross country and track teams in high school and never looked back. Kacy fell in love with running and the sense of community she found through it. However, her ambitious goals and overzealous dedication to the sport led to frequent injuries. After tearing her hamstring her junior year, she learned to swim and bought a road bike, eventually paving the way to compete in club triathlon at the University of Florida (UF). 


In college, her passion for movement and helping people move better continued to grow. In her first semester at UF, she became a certified personal trainer and pursued an exercise science degree. After exploring other careers in health care, Kacy found her calling when she first observed at a physical therapy clinic. She loved the motivating atmosphere and how impactful the profession was on the patients’ lives and went home after her very first day to research schools and prerequisites. 


Kacy graduated from Emory University with her doctorate in physical therapy and with a persistent passion for orthopedics and treating endurance athletes. The following year, she completed an orthopedic residency program at Mercer University to become further specialized in treating patients with orthopedic injuries. She has completed two trigger point dry needling courses, been trained in advanced manual therapy techniques and pursues continuing education opportunities to better serve the endurance athlete population.


Kacy has run several marathons, is a four-time Boston Marathon finisher (with hopefully more!) and has completed triathlons ranging from sprint to half Ironman distances. When she’s not treating patients, you can find her running, cycling, swimming or doing yoga. Kacy is a member of and running coach at Atlanta Triathlon Club, finding joy in both getting people started in the sport and improving their race times. She continues to pursue athletic goals and has a long bucket list of races in which she would like to compete. 


As an athlete herself, Kacy has a unique understanding of the endurance athlete lifestyle and the impact injury can have on that lifestyle. She brings this empathy and passion to every patient in her care, utilizing a comprehensive and holistic approach to improve the way people move so that they can keep doing what they love.  Kacy is the co-host of the More Than Miles podcast. 

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