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Remote Services

Telehealth Sessions

Who is this for:

  • These telehealth visits are 30 minutes in duration and will be available to all existing patients residing in the state of Georgia. If you reside outside of the state of GA, contact us for additional information.



  • Only $124.59


What will happen:

  • Your visit will be 30 minutes 

  • The time is yours to discuss or cover anything you wish, including self-treatment techniques and exercises

  • Check in on your symptoms, progress, goals, and exercises

  • Review of home exercises and modifications that may be necessary

  • Some diagnosis and instruction regarding new/different symptoms, depending on complexity of case and ability to interpret symptoms through technology

  • Recommendations for exercise, management of symptoms, and other techniques to get you back to what you love!

Online Gait Analysis

Who is this for:

  • Any runner or endurance athlete who wants to improve their form, performance or decrease their injury risk. 



  • Only $199


What will happen:

  • Watch your gait video and breakdown what we see. 

  • Review your running history, previous injuries and obstacles to running, as well as your future running goals.

  • Send you the video we receive back to you with a voice recorded assessment so that you know what we see and why we want to make the changes we suggest.

  • Educate you and answer your running questions via email. If we don't know the answer, we'll connect you with someone who does.

  • Give you tailored running drills and exercises to improve the imbalances and impaired motor patterns that we see.

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