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Five Ways to Fall in LOVE With LIFE!

This is a guest post by By Shawn Haywood, Ph.RD

Do you have the necessary ingredients to be completely in love with your life?

The five tips laid out below can support you in building or adding the necessary piece to become totally and madly in love with your life. I can tell you from my own practical experience, as well as that of dozens upon dozens of clients over the past 18 years, that life can be as joyful, meaningful and enriching as you CHOOSE, and then create.

Life can be filled with increasing amounts of curiosity, creativity, adventure, depth, connection and emotional/mental freedom.

As a result of living a life you are completely in love with, pain, suffering, myriad problems and hurt gradually fall away naturally and materialize less and less frequently. Honestly, I experience so little suffering or turmoil that it seems virtually non-existent.

On top of which, as you fall in love with the whole of your life, you will stop holding on to resentments, anger, frustration, irritation, anxiety and the like.

I’m thankful to understand what it means to be in love with all facets of my life, as it allows me to effortlessly live authentically and from my heart. I’m still learning of course. I still fail at times (though much, much less).

But overall, life is easy. And yours can be as well…

Over time, I have learned to unhook from destructive mental patterns and other habits that were harmful to my body, mind and spirit, while replacing them with gorgeous rituals, habits and practices that keep my life aligned with deep, meaningful values and on a course that feels deeply authentic to me.

Below are five key ways for you, too, to fall madly in love with your life. You can add to or expand upon any tools you might already use to ensure your own beautifully authentic, joyful and easy life. Each tip will singularly, and collectively, add a great deal of meaning, joy and ease to your daily experience, while at the same time naturally reducing stress, anxiety, depression and many forms of escaping, like alcohol, shopping, internet porn/social media, frantic busyness or obsessive thinking!

1) Cultivate Deep Connections

So how can you have a life you adore without feeling connected to others? Um, you can’t…

And I don’t mean by way of spending time gossiping, complaining or venting to others; I mean CONNECTING DEEPLY in totally transparent and vulnerable ways. And, unless you have been transparent and vulnerable, ways that scare the complete shit out of you, then you still have some practicing to do in this category!

Humans are meant to feel a deep sense of belonging: to engage, feel close, be touched and feel included. In fact, without this, we become increasingly isolated, anxious and depressed, while at the same time, an inevitable turn toward escape behaviors unfolds. Soon, food addiction, alcohol, shopping, internet, pornography, social media, obsessive thinking and chronic busyness can take the place of the genuine connection and sense of belonging that all humans require and crave!

If you’re missing deep connection with your lover, friends, family or even co-workers, begin practicing vulnerable, transparent connection ASAP. I know it’s not always easy, but your happiness and overall life fulfillment will strengthen as you do.

If you’re anything like I used to be, you may need to take off your “everything is great” or “I’m just fine” masks, put down defense mechanisms (like perfectionism, blaming, anger, emotional shut down, etc.) and peel away your emotional armor (anger, blaming, lashing out, resentment, silent treatments and so on) so you can let people into your heart and so you can breach theirs.

We all NEED to belong. Belonging could mean feeling connected to just one person whom you can trust and be open with and who will be honest, open and compassionate with you. Or, belonging might mean being connected to a close-knit group of like-minded and like-hearted people (likely both!).

Even if it takes five years to seek out your “peeps” and community, or to build strong bonds, don’t give up on this one. And no more excuses like, ‘It’s so hard to meet people in ______ city.”

Because we all want to belong and feel connected, AND this experience is at an all-time LOW in American culture, it is actually easier than ever, in a sense, to find people who want this, too. Be brave and put yourself out there bit by bit. Test the waters slowly, build compounding trust and emotional safety and soon…you will advance several steps toward being completely in love with life!

P.S. is an excellent resource for meeting people with any and every interest or hobby imaginable! Be brave!

2) Hocus Pocus, Laser Focus

Laser focus might seem like an odd prerequisite for leading a life you adore, but it is quite necessary. Let me explain.

In the absence of deliberate focus on exactly what we want or don’t want, value or don’t value, choose to spend time or not…we simply don’t or won’t set boundaries, create meaningful goals, hold others accountable or practice value-driven decisions and actions.

Instead, we navigate life haphazardly, from one fire-fight, emergency or shiny object to the next.

When focus is misplaced, absent or even lazy, we don’t say “no” when necessary, and perhaps we say “yes” far too much!

We’re inclined to talk about “ideal values,” yet practicing them is another thing entirely. We say, “My family is the most important thing in the world,” yet can be found too often missing important school events, working nights and weekends or ignoring a spouse’s wants, words, heart, desires and needs.

This is NOT a judgment or an effort to inflict shame, just an illumination of the gap that often exists between words and actions. It is a gap that intentional laser focus can quickly bridge.

This gap is where discontent, resentment and most of life’s upset and suffering lives.

It’s so easy to become swept up in the temptation to keep up with the Jones’ or the frantically busy lifestyle that America has oddly embraced. In fact, now more than ever, we work to please people we don’t really like, buy things to impress people we don’t even know and ignore, avoid or bite at those we actually want to love and connect with.

A shift toward dedicating life and time to that which we genuinely find deeply and truly useful, meaningful and wonderful IS in order!

A great exercise to reel in your focus is as follows:

1) Determine the most important categories of your life (ex: spouse, children, health, yoga, travel, play, creative expression, career, etc.) Around three to five categories will suffice - too many will become overwhelming and distract your laser focus!

2) Then add one to three weekly actions to each category that, when focused and insisted upon, will add richness, calm and joy to all areas of life, while at the same time mentally, emotionally and physically de-cluttering it.

Here’s an example:

Category: Spouse/Relationship

Possible weekly actions could answer this question: “What weekly actions would ensure a connected, intimate and playful relationship with my partner?”