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Precision Performance Bridge to Strength Program


Are you tired of cookie-cutter programs that don’t seem to apply to you as an athlete? Are you having difficulty adhering to a program because you aren’t sure if it is even helping? Do you question some exercise selections because of your injury history?


We have the solution for you. The Precision Performance Bridge to Strength Program is a new offering to existing or previous clients. We are partnering with The Rack Athletic Performance Center to bring you a superior product and experience. The purpose is to provide intentional rehab exercise programming to improve strength, reduce injury risk, and provide an avenue for long-term strength training with a coach.


No longer do you have to be concerned that the program you found on the internet is safe or useful for you! Your intentional exercise programming is provided by skilled physical therapists with a strength background – while taking into account injury history, medical factors, and training goals. No cookie-cutter programs allowed. Created with your real life in mind during the current societal atmosphere. Only have 2 days per week to train? With minimal equipment? In between teaching your children from home? Your program will take all of this into account.


Your therapists know you best and will take your injury history and goals into account when setting up your program.


Long-term strength training is the goal for all athletes. This is a vital component of training and allows you to train month after month, year after year. Strength training is often neglected in endurance athletes, and this is a serious issue when attempting to achieve performance goals. Sign up today to get stronger while staying home.


What you will receive:

  • 1 month (4 weeks) training program calendar
  • Unique workouts based on your unique situation/equipment/goals/time
  • Exercise videos to explain movements and demonstrate proper form
  • 3 Telehealth Performance Appointments (up to 30min each).
    • 1 at start of program to determine program direction
    • 1 at 2-week mark to modify or adjust program if needed
    • 1 at conclusion of program to discuss next steps
  • Continual email communication with your therapist for questions, concerns, comments
  • Confidence in knowing you are performing personalized rehabminded strength training for your unique situation!


Purchased separately, this program would cost $375.


But this package can be yours for only $199!

Bridge to Strength Program

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