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The Key to Recovery That You're Sleeping On

Recovery is as, if not MORE, important as training. There are so many recovery tools on the market: lacrosse ball, normatec boots, massage guns, cryotherapy. What if I told you that the most valuable recovery tool out there is free! … It’s sleep!

Everyone talks about how tired they are… but doesn’t anyone know how to fix it? Here’s how to improve your sleep in 7 simple steps:

  1. Commit to prioritizing your sleep

  2. Consistency – Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time

  3. The bedroom is for the two S’s (sleep and sex). It is not your office, movie room, etc. You are a creature of habit and so is your rest/wake cycle. Ensure your bedroom is associated with the S’s and not work and other possible stressors.

  4. Remove blue light an hour of two before bed. Instead use that pre-bed time to stretch, meditate, read, listen to music, perform your 20 step skincare routine

  5. Lower the temperature in your room. Keeping your bedroom at 70 degrees or lower will lower your body temperature and assist with reducing systemic inflammation levels

  6. No afternoon caffeine. Caffeine’s half life (the time it takes for half the amount of caffeine in your body to be processed) is about 5 hours. So ideally, you are halting caffeine consumption 10 hours prior to bedtime.

  7. Exercise regularly! A tired body will sleep better

Hopefully this blog didn’t put you to sleep (dad joke)!


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