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3 Tips to More Down Time

Written By: Dr. Shawn Haywood, Lifestyle Coach

It seems that down time, rest, recovery and relaxation have become a distant memory…that is, if you ever experienced them in the first place!

I mean seriously, what gives? Have we lost our minds to stress, being overwhelmed and chronic busyness? If you haven't already, you might be on your way!

What’s worse, we literally believe (in full or in part) that being busy, stressed and exhausted to the point of mental and emotional strain will ultimately prove one's value, worth or importance.  This might not be a fully conscious belief, but it is an undercurrent for anyone who is burning the candle at both ends! And, it is a key reason people put themselves through the wringer.

Humans have some really crappy habits born out of really good intentions.

It’s time to recognize the importance of down time. Embracing rest and recovery and getting pleasure out of life is not a frickin’ crime; it is your birthright. Here are three ways to get more down time!

1) Down Time Priorities Consider this: "If I had one month to live, how would I spend it?"

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There are only a small but precious number of things, people, actions or decisions that TRULY give you extreme, heart-glowing joy, inspiration or a sense of deep meaning, fulfillment and purpose.

How would you answer this question: If I had one month to live, how would I spend it, and who would I spend it with?

Honestly, this is an idea that I consider frequently, and it helps me choose from a wise place and with heart. Not just from an, “OMG, I have so much shit to do and I will never get it all done, so I’m going to work all the time!”

Your responses to this question should become your priorities and make space for down time. The vast majority of your life moving forward can be dedicated to THIS short list.

Why? Because it’s most valuable to you, and you deserve to be happy!

We honestly have no idea when loved ones will "punch their last ticket." You can live life on your terms now and create more space for what brings you joy instead of regret later in life.

PLEASE, don’t be tempted to think it is impossible to live like this. I do. My hubby does. And many, many, many of my past and present clients do as well. Life can be a gorgeous journey: don’t miss it. Click here for more training on how to get more focus and down time!

2) Say No. Seems like a no brainer, right?  After all, it’s just one tiny syllable…

We hear it echoed ALL of the time!

N----O....What the h*** is so scary about that?

A lot actually!

Oddly, my clients (or anyone really!) find this tiny word to be incredibly difficult to spew forth.  We strong, bold, courageous, can-do-anything women are unfortunately also afraid to disappoint, lose approval, get fired or lose respect.

Yet, the consequences of saying yes too often are damaging. To continue saying yes to so many demands and requests LITERALLY means saying no to you, your family, your purpose-filled actions and your down time.

It's time to practice flexing that NO muscle and make it superhero strong! Saying no is a boundary, one of several types of necessary boundaries (especially if you're a perfectionist).

I encourage my clients to begin saying no to everything. NO, really, begin saying NO first to every request! You can always change your mind later.

The perceived need for approval and validation, or fear of losing approval, can be tempting and strong. But, these driving factors no longer need to be a part of your life. Saying YES to things NOT on your down time priority list ultimately means saying NO to something that IS actually valuable, heart-centered or important.

PS, if you come to my FREE webinar, I will give you some amazing word for word scripts for SAYING NO to anyone, anywhere, anytime with EASE and CONFIDENCE!

3) Eliminate with the 80/20 Rule. The 80/20 is as real as the law of gravity, and it applies to all aspects of life, love and business.

The 80/20 principle says that just 20% of anything (sales, relationship connection, leadership tools, profits, to dos, anything!) accounts for 80% of that thing's results. Meaning…you can literally remove 80 percent of all activities, responsibilities, possessions, friends, interactions, thoughts, feelings and so on, if you choose to, and you WILL be far happier, more successful and more purpose-filled when you do!

If you don’t know what the 80/20 rule is, PLEASE learn about it. It applies to all aspects of life and business. Here is a great book to learn more about the 80/20 rule: Living The 80/20 Way.

Here are a few examples of elimination by using the 80/20 principle:

* Fact- you use, wear or enjoy just 20% of your possessions - thus, you can easily get rid of sell/donate the rest. Yes, that does literally equate to ditching 80% of your belongings, downsizing your home, etc. But, since you don’t use it/them anyway, it winds up just being a burden lifted!  

* Fact- only 20% of the food you consume truly serves your brain or body; feel free to get rid of the rest! This action too will save you time as you meal plan. Plus, eating more nutritious foods will give you tons more energy, making your down time filled with even more inspiration!

*Fact- only 20% of your work duties are truly useful, impacting, profit-building or inspiring; thus, you can delegate, eliminate or systematize the other 80%. Obviously, you can save a great deal of time and energy on this one.

Hopefully you’re getting the picture. Applying the 80/20 rule is fantastic.

Life is precious and brief. Really, isn’t life too damn short to live in a state of frenzy? Feeling upset? Resentment? Stress? Anxiety? Or whatever else keeps you feeling yucky? Living free is your birthright and is available to everyone.

These tips are designed to help you get started down a more relaxed, joyful and fun path. Interested in gaining support on your journey? Be sure to check out my upcoming FREE webinar for training so you can have more down time, get more done and work just a six-hour day!


In love and joy!



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