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Physical Therapy

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Official physical therapy providers of the Atlanta Track Club Elite Team

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At Precision, we believe you have the right to choose how you want your healthcare experience to be.  We believe that your story is just as important as the body part you injured. 


Our sessions are always one on one and individualized based on your specific needs.  We know there is often more to an injury than meets the eye. Life stressors such as work, over-training, diet, sleep and family can affect how you heal. Education and collaboration with our clients and our healthcare practitioners is important to us. We treat the whole person, identifying the root cause of your issue from the beginning.

We understand that the foot and ankle can cause hip and back pain or vice versa. Each aspect of your musculoskeletal system is interconnected and can have an impact on how you are moving and feeling. At Precision, we treat all orthopedic and sports injuries including: running injuries, cycling and triathlon related injuries. We also treat back and neck pain, hips, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, pelvic floor and more. 


Our therapists are some of the most highly trained physical therapists in the country. We strive to always be the best at what we do. Some of the modalities and techniques our therapists are training in include: manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, cupping, joint manipulation and mobilization, redcord Neurac, blood flow restriction training (BFR), run gait analysis, VO2 threshold testing, RMR testing, exercise prescription, Pilates and Yoga based exercise.

Let us help you get back to what you love!

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Authentic Care:

We will take care of you the way we would take care of our own families.

With respect, compassion,and kindness.


Individualized Care:

Always one on one appointments.



Your appointment is at 8? We will start at 8. No waiting or uncertainty.


Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will directly answer your questions. No more voicemails and uncertainty. We will be available to you during care and when you are finished.



If we can't figure out how to help, we will help you find someone that can. 



You'll never receive a bill months after your visit. Payment is clear and taken at the time of your visit.


We are involved in educating our community.

We believe collaboration and education are important to improve awareness and patient outcomes. We are involved in teaching and hosting professional development opportunities in our clinic. We often contribute to educational journals, popular magazines, websites, blogs, podcasts and other media to help athletes become the best version of themselves. If you are looking for health related content for your podcast or need someone to write an article, contact us and one of our physical therapists will be happy to contribute their knowledge and expertise. 

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