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The Best Investment

What is the best investment you could make? Depending on your background, your answers could vary widely. Perhaps you think stable and safe financial mediums. Or maybe it’s the stock market. Or startups. Or maybe real estate? Some would argue your career and education are the best investments. While all of these are reasonable answers, I would argue one investment stands above all else.

Your health.

As Americans, we are a society focused on improvement, development, progression and drive. All too often, we work long hours, sacrifice weekends and compromise health – all to achieve a goal. Now, I am not here to enter into a debate about values. I truly believe that working hard and providing for your family are incredibly important. But, frequently, doing so can come at the expense of our health. Achieving goals does not have to replace investing in your own health.

Let’s think for a moment about what happens if your health begins to fail. Perhaps it’s that genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease. Or maybe it’s your chronic low back pain that has gotten to the point where you struggle to get out of bed. Or maybe your weight has gotten so far along that it’s difficult to play with your kids as you once could.

The keystone of an archway is the final stone that is placed during building. This stone sits at the very top of the arch and literally holds the arch together. It allows the arch to bear weight. Without the keystone, all of the other stones would fall, and the arch would fail. Your health is the keystone to your life. Without it, all else is void. Your job, family, children, friends, hobbies, travel and passions will all fall without your ability to participate in these pursuits in a meaningful way.

What if, during these moments of excitement at the beginning of a new year, we decided to flip the script? What if you decided to change perspective and priorities to put health at the top of the list? Would your other priorities be supported all the more? Would the arch of your life be able to withstand more pressure and more strain? It just might.

In case you needed more reasons to convince yourself to put health at the pinnacle, research has revealed the following benefits that come from exercise:

· Reduced levels of stress and anxiety

· Improved weight control

· Improved sleep and energy levels

· Reduced risk of chronic disease, including diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

· Improved muscle strength and bone health

· Reduced symptoms from chronic pain

· Improved life expectancy

While this list is not exhaustive, it does paint an impressive picture of how exercise can improve your quality of life. It is important to note that this list is not necessarily specific to one type of exercise over the other. What is most important when choosing what type of exercise to engage in is that you enjoy it!

Prioritizing your health can yield wonderful dividends. At Precision Performance, we believe that if you invest in your health and wellness you will see a dramatic improvement in your quality of life. We are here to help you and your loved ones in any way we can. Maybe you would like to get that nagging pain you’ve had for years finally taken care of. Or maybe it’s time to start running again. Or running better and more efficiently. We have the tools and the relationships with other providers to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have questions about how I can help or where you should start? Email me today!

Until next time,



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