Being Instead of Doing; Three Ways to Live Peacefully and Slow Down!

This is a guest post from Dr. Shawn Haywood

Most people today are obsessed with, even addicted to, DOING. Work, fitness, cleaning, partying, talking, errands, thinking, projects, sex, pornography, drugs and on and on it goes…

Do, do, do…We seem to be always on the go or constantly doing something to numb out!

Yet, this is not the way to be or feel happy, joy filled and peaceful. It results in the opposite, in fact. Living in a constant state of doing is destructive, anxiety producing, depressing, stressful and devastating to our body, mind and spirit.

BEING is the stuff of peace and joy.

When was the last time you sat still, in silence, and quieted your mind?

Perhaps for a minute or two, a month or so ago?

Perhaps never, or you can’t even remember?!

Our bodies are yearning for more peace, more stillness, more being. You don’t necessarily have to be sitting still and meditating to BE still. But doing so is a great practice and jumping off point.

Being can be injected anywhere, anytime. Let’s look at three ways to begin BEING (instead of doing) so you can slow down, merging into greater peace and peace of mind.