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The Dole Drums of Discontent

This is a guest post by By Shawn Haywood

How frequently do you feel like a version of an ‘Alive Walking Dead’?

Do you have your head buried in your phone, computer, or even in your own thoughts more often than not?  Has social media, gaming (phone or console), texting, checking email, surfing porn, internet shopping or other technology taken over more than 1-2 hours of each day?

If you have said yes, and your job is NOT some kind of researcher, then Houston, we have a problem!

In our new socially accepted society of almost constant technology ADHD distraction and binging, life (or living) has diminished and gotten away from us.

​When was literally last time you stopped to smell a flower?  Or, if flower sniffing isn’t your thing, when was the last time you laid out doors to watch shapes form in the clouds, or become engulfed in the swaying and singing of overhead tree tops, or when you went for a long leisurely stroll intended to relax and breathe…?

… stop reading for a moment, and genuinely respond to this question honestly…

If today or yesterday, or at the very least, over the past week isn’t your response, you likely fall into one or more of the following categories or life situations:

  • Tired / fatigue

  • Restless

  • Poor sleep

  • Depressed

  • Anxious

  • Sad

  • Frustrated

  • Resentful

  • Poor or inconsistent eating habits

  • Discontent

  • Worried

Of course there are other reasons and extenuating circumstances for the challenges above, BUT research amply demonstrates that people today are disconnected from life in ways that lead to over all sadness, discontent and unhealthy detachment.  Which literally means being disconnected from the living organisms that surround us (grass, bugs, trees, animals, clouds, stars, flowers, etc) to a degree that gives an over all live experience of isolation and separation = depression, anxiety and so on.  

As a result, a chronic state of ‘the Dole Drums of Discontent’ has taken root in our mind, body, sports, hobbies, career and spirit.

People have become increasingly disconnected from life and are missing out on living!

We have replaced LIVING with pseudo-living and pseudo-connecting via social media, internet and the like.  Let’s consider a shift in action, awareness and authentic connection.

How about a few ideas to help you ‘reorganize’ life and get you re-ENERGIZED!

TIME Limits

I’m a firm believer in time limits.  In the same way that my nephew is limited to a few hours of ‘game’ time, and only on the weekends; so should we (adults) impose our own time limits on things like email, social medial, internet, work hours, thinking, and so on.  Limits must be set for anything where you are inclined to ‘check out’ or escape.  Anything that encourages you to disengage from deep, playful or passionate living.

Passionate Work

We spend far too many hours engaged in ‘career time’ for it NOT to be joy-filled and passion-filled.  It is possible to find passionate work or turn your current work experience into a passionate onee.  If you are skeptical, hit me up ( and we can brainstorm and / or I can share with you 17 years of client stories where amazing people like you have redesigned work life to be joyful and fulfilling!

Clean Eating

This is a no brainer.  If you put shit in, then shit energy, shit mental fitness and shit emotional fitness will rise, period!  Fuel your temple with excellence.

GO Out Side for Pete Sake

While many people spend time outdoors training or working out, we don’t often get out to connect with the life force that moves and creates every living thing, atom and organism.  This action is a must for fulfilling living.  Get yourself out doors (even if it’s hot or cold!) to connect with Mother Earth and you will absolutely feel a significant lift in your over all wellness and well being.

Play (Inside or Out!)

If one is not playing, one is not happy!  Here are some examples of ways my hubby and I enjoy playing.  Frisbie, bicycling riding (for fitness and for the sake of being kids), giggling, Uno, paddle boarding, Pass The Pigs (silly awesome board game), origami, or tree climbing. 

Honestly, anything that feels like play to you is a perfect choice (so long as you don’t require alcohol to be able to play).  Btw, I am 44 years old and play a lot!  I love to play (everyone loves to play, though not everyone chooses to).  Honestly, I had to re-learn to play during my early 30’s, which was interesting and amazing!  So you might need to re-learn playing as well, no biggie, it’s WELL worth the effort.

So dig in, or dig in the dirt if that flips your trigger!  But add in playtime several times a week.

Let’s discard the dole drums of discontent and replace it with a super, duper, mega, ultra, jazzersized life experiences!

Cheers to LIVING!



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