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Keeping You Safe

With Georgia’s recent rise in COVID-19 cases, I wanted to take a moment to detail all of the ways we are focusing on keeping you safe when you are in our clinic. We are putting your safety and health as our number one priority, as we always do. Here are all of the ways we are striving to be a safe environment for you:

- All therapists are wearing masks, gloves, and scrubs throughout the workday

- All patients are required to wear a mask or face covering throughout the duration of their session. No mask, no appointment!

- We have staggered our appointment times throughout the day, so you are least likely to cross paths with another patient when entering or exiting

- We have built in 15-minute blocks between each session to deep-clean and sanitize our treatment rooms and equipment

- We are requiring all patients to wait outside until their appointment time to prevent overlapping contact

- All common areas are cleaned before and after each patient enters and exits

- Oxygen saturation levels are checked on each therapist daily, and each patient for every appointment in an effort to detect any unknown illness

- If a patient has any symptoms of any kind, we are rescheduling sessions without hesitation

- Even though we have no symptoms, therapists and staff are getting regularly tested for COVID-19, make sure we are being as proactive as possible

We are continually assessing our procedures and policies to make sure everyone is being kept as safe as possible and will continue to do so. We hope that these measures give you confidence and peace in coming to our space. We will continue serving you and getting you back to what you love!

If you have any concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Thank you for your support,



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