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Let's Admit it, Runners Are Funny.

Updated: Mar 23

I nearly wrote a blog about plantar fasciitis- but in a moment of weakness I found myself laughing out loud scrolling the internet. I have to admit it, but sometimes I too get caught up scrolling every running account I am following and suddenly I have lost a whole hour of my life. So, rather than writing an academic blog about plantar fasciitis (I will soon)! I am sitting here thinking about how hilarious the culture of running is - the nuances, rituals, routines, beliefs and traditions.

Even if we don't always want to admit it, runners and running are funny.

If you follow Laura McGreen ** then you probably have spent a good amount of time hysterically laughing as Laura points out all of our culture's idiosyncrasies and behaviors....I know because I was just doing it.

Her running satire posts are like a huge, embarrassing mirror shining on our secret world...she talks about

  • How as runners we basically just run in circles

  • Why we run pass our house at the end of a run just because our watch says 4.98 miles instead of 5.0 miles

  • Dressing up in costumes (bananas, turkey's etc..) during races

  • How we keep a ridiculous amount of shoes and gear even if we are finished with them because we have become attached or have fond memories

  • How gels, bars and protein powders are part of our typical diet

  • The various runner personalities

  • Our excitement about running- how we LOVE to talk about it, do it and tell everyone else about it even when they could care less