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Let's Admit it, Runners Are Funny.

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I nearly wrote a blog about plantar fasciitis- but in a moment of weakness I found myself laughing out loud scrolling the internet. I have to admit it, but sometimes I too get caught up scrolling every running account I am following and suddenly I have lost a whole hour of my life. So, rather than writing an academic blog about plantar fasciitis (I will soon)! I am sitting here thinking about how hilarious the culture of running is - the nuances, rituals, routines, beliefs and traditions.

Even if we don't always want to admit it, runners and running are funny.

If you follow Laura McGreen ** then you probably have spent a good amount of time hysterically laughing as Laura points out all of our culture's idiosyncrasies and behaviors....I know because I was just doing it.

Her running satire posts are like a huge, embarrassing mirror shining on our secret world...she talks about

  • How as runners we basically just run in circles

  • Why we run pass our house at the end of a run just because our watch says 4.98 miles instead of 5.0 miles

  • Dressing up in costumes (bananas, turkey's etc..) during races

  • How we keep a ridiculous amount of shoes and gear even if we are finished with them because we have become attached or have fond memories

  • How gels, bars and protein powders are part of our typical diet

  • The various runner personalities

  • Our excitement about running- how we LOVE to talk about it, do it and tell everyone else about it even when they could care less

  • Running selfies

  • Running with your partner on your first date and the difference after three years of marriage (this one is my favorite!)

All of this endless scrolling and hysterical laugher made me think about myself and the things that I have done for the love of running.

Once I set up a table with water cups on it in my driveway and ran back and forth practicing how to drink the water out of the cup while not spilling and continually running. I thought it would help decrease my race time. I would like to tell my foamier self I could have just added squats, RDLs and some single leg glute work and maybe my neighbors wouldn't have rolled their eyes and thought I was nuts.

I could never stop my run unless my Garmin stops at the exact mile and if I go over...I need to keep going at least .25 miles to the next stopping place...

I absolutely used to travel to races with what my running friends lovingly called the"race box." It was filled with everything from athletic tape, bandages, salt, safety pins to extra socks. I took pre-race preparation to a whole other level!

I have/had many more embarrassing stories and idiosyncrasies but a girl has to keep some secrets! I would love to hear what crazy stories or hilarious things you find yourself doing...

I hope at the very least this blog made you laugh a little - next time it will be all business.




*yes I was totally watching her videos getting distracted instead of working*

**ps..super secret news we recently interviewed Laura on our More Than Miles Podcast so stay tuned for the hilarious episode coming soon!


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