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Kate Mihevc Edwards was a passionate runner for years and lived for endurance sports. Until the day doctors told her she’d have to stop—or possibly die. After being diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), Kate was forced to mourn the loss of a lifestyle she loved and face a very scary question: What now?

With the grit and determination that made her such an accomplished runner, Kate embarked on a journey that taught her to let go of her former self and claim a new life filled with strength, gratitude, and peace. Racing Heart is Kate’s testament to this journey as she walks readers through her transition from a runner eager to finish the race to a woman who values the preciousness of the present.

Written for anyone facing a major life change or hungering for a life beyond the mundane, Racing Heartis the inspirational reminder that it is often from the most painful experiences that true joy and passion emerge.

Racing Heart: A Runner's Journey of Love, Loss & Perserverence

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