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Slow Down. Stop Running. Preganant and postpartum women have heard this advice since the beginning of time. Many runners have no idea what they can and cannot do during pregnancy and postpartum, leaving them unsure, scared, and susceptible to injury. This book throws out all those old wives' tales and proves that women can keep running-during and after pregnancy. All they need is the right information. 


Written by two moms and physical therapists who have a passion for running, Go Ahead, Stop and Pee is a fresh voice that empowers women to maintain thier running lifestyle during pregnancy and postpartum. Combining first-hand experience as well as science this book:


  • Dispels some common myths about running pregnant and postpartum
  • Presents key exercises for pregnant runners
  • Helps women understand and care for their postpartum bodies
  • Offers tips on maintaining a running lifestyle after the baby


For any soon-to-be or new mom who doesn't want to "slow down", Go Ahead Stop and Pee is thecatalyst that will insire her to keep going. 

Go Ahead Stop and Pee: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum

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