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Why am I dizzy?

Dizziness and Imbalance is a sensation that we have all probably experienced at some point in our lifetime. However, when dizziness is no longer a transient feeling after a carnival ride and it impacts our ability to perform normal day to day things like driving, laying in bed, and walking in a grocery store, then it becomes a huge burden.

To be clear: dizziness is not always the classic room-spinning sensation. It can also be described as floating, rocking, imbalance, fuzzy, and just plain weird.

Feelings of dizziness brought nearly 4 million people to the emergency room in the United States in 2011. Emergency room visits and the imaging that follows can result in overwhelming medical bills with sometimes no answers or solutions.

What Causes Dizziness?

Dizziness and imbalance can result from a litany of medical conditions. It is important to note that sudden onset of dizziness can accompany transient ischemic attacks (TIA or “mini-strokes”) and strokes. In order to identify a stroke, use the “FAST” principle:

Facial Drooping

Arm Weakness

Speech Difficulty

Time (it is important to act quickly and get to the hospital as soon as possible)