• Kacy Seynders, PT, DPT

Off Season Checklist

As late season triathlons are wrapping up, it’s time to start planning for next season! The adage

“champions are made in the offseason” can be true, if you plan strategically. Here are some

keys to setting yourself up for success next year:

❏ Take a break

After months and months of intense training, your body needs time to regroup. It takes a

lot of energy and resources for your body to recover from endurance exercise. Even with

proper recovery days and weeks built in, it can become a grind for your body to

constantly repair and rebuild. What this “break” looks like will vary from athlete to athlete,

but it should be relaxed enough to leave you refreshed and maybe even a little stir-

crazy. Take somewhere between two and four weeks for reduced intensity and duration

exercise. For most of us, that means keeping workouts an hour or less and in lower

heart rate zones. You can also take the opportunity to do other forms of exercise, such

as rock climbing, hiking, stand up paddleboarding, yoga, etc. However, be cautious to

avoid anything that is overly taxing and/or requires recovery -- this is not the time to try

Crossfit or go to high intensity fitness classes! If you had a particularly intense season,

you may need to take time off completely from all activity, and that is okay! In fact, most

professional athletes take several weeks off from all training at the end of their season.

❏ Visit your health care “team”

As mentioned above, a long season can leave its mark on your body. Now is the time to

get ahead of any orthopedic and/or health issues that could affect the season ahead. A

visit to your physi