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If the shoe fits...wear it!

High Cushion, Stability, Neutral, Minimalist, Rocker-bottomed, Carbon-Plated, the list goes on and on. You may find yourself asking “What do these things mean?” and “Which shoe is right for me?"

Running shoe companies make claims that their shoes reduce impact on the foot, decrease pronation, or prevent injuries. However, shoe companies produce products and technologies faster than the research to back up such claims. Though the research is limited, here’s what has been found:

  • In a study in the military, those who chose the shoe insert that was most comfortable (instead of choosing a “stability” or “cushioning” insert based on their foot type) had 53% fewer injuries! (1)

  • A softer insole (the inner lining of the shoe that your foot touches) did reduce injury in military shoes (2), however midsole (the thick cushion just above the outsole) softness or hardness has shown no impact on running injury (3)

  • Having more than one pair of running shoes to rotate through may be protective against injury (4)