What to expect:

Titlest Performance Institute Golf Evaluation

First, we will discuss what brings you to us for an evaluation. Is it some sort of pain? Some limitation in your golf game that you cannot seem to get past? Do you slice the ball every time no matter what adjustments you make? Do you duck-hook it into the creek every time on hole 7? Are you unable to do what your golf professional is instructing you?


Next, we will perform the TPI Physical Screen, which consists of a 16-point comprehensive analysis of your body’s ability to attain certain positions, maintain those positions, and use them in your golf swing.


If you are having any sort of pain, we may also perform a physical therapy evaluation to determine what may be impacting these symptoms and how they can be treated.


Finally, we will tie it all together by discussing your Physical Screen results, any physical therapy evaluation findings, and how they all relate to your swing. The beautiful part about the Body-Swing ConnectionTM is that we can look at your Screen results and directly correlate those with your performance on the golf course.