Mask Display


As healthcare providers we have taken an oath to do no harm first and we intend to follow through on that promise. You should know that each of us are remaining at home outside of work. We are all limiting our contact, wearing masks and continue to practice social distancing outside of the office. We ask that you do the same. In the office we will have the appropriate PPE and precautions in place to serve you as safely as possible. 

New Precautions:

  • We will taking your O2 levels when you enter the office. The research is showing this to be superior to temperature taking.

  • We have staggered the schedule so that only one patient will be coming in at a time.

  • We have created 15 minute blocks after each appointment so that we have ample time to clean the room, equipment, door handles etc. between appointments.

  • We ask that our patients wear a mask, come in at their appointment time, no earlier and go straight to the bathroom to wash their hands. You will not be permitted to stay in the waiting room. 

  • The doors to each room with remain open to allow proper ventilation and we will make sure to appropriately drape and cover each patient for modesty. 

  • The therapists and front office manager will be wearing masks, scrubs and gloves.

Should you choose to stay home we are still scheduling Telehealth appointments and our DIY PT programs are available for purchase on our website. Please feel free to call 770-842-1418 or email us at if you would like to schedule an appointment. 

We know this is a big change in the way we are all used to doing things. This is a difficult time and we need to get used to this transition together. My only hope is that someday in the near future we will be able to return to a somewhat "normal" routine. Let's all work together to protect our community.


With Love and gratitude,

Your Precision Team